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Our Program

6-Months SDET Traning

SiliconeLabs' 6-months QA Automation Test Engineer (aka SDET) bootcamp provides students with a span of Software Test development skills, enabling them to build full stack test automation Framework/Tools. Our students graduate with a solid base of fundamental programming on Java, various testing tools and frameworks that are demand.

%100 Live Online or Hybrid Classes

Whether you are living in Nevada or close to SiliconeLab's East Rutherford, NJ campus, you will receive a great education by the same instructors who work in the industry. Our Monday-Friday classes are offered totally online both for our hybrid and online students Our Saturday Laboratory classes are the only in-class class that distinguishes our hybrid classes from the online one.

Internship on Real Industry Projects

While lectures and homework assignments are a great way to learn, the best lessons come from experience. After completing our Software QA Test Automation Course, students will start their internship on real end to end projects that encompasses everything they have learned. Students will be guided by our project managers at SiliconeLabs to help interns work in a agile environment.

Experienced Instructors

At SiliconeLabs, all of our instructors are certified developers and QA engineers who come from the industry with many years of experience. This allows our instructors to have up-to-date knowledge about the Software Development Life Cycle, tools and techniques.

Small Cohort Model

While there are other schools where classes consist of literally hundred of students, at SiliconeLabs we have a small cohort based classroom system. This allows us to have a one-on-one attention with our students, empower their learning and help them with their individual needs. We accept only 30-40 students per cohort.


At SiliconeLabs, we welcome everyone from different backgrounds. Although IT, Mathematics, and Science backgrounds are excellent to have, anyone with critical thinking skills, who work hard and stay motivated will prosper in this program. No computer background is needed. All you need is to believe in yourself, spare time, study hard and make it work.

Our Curriculum

       String Class

      Arithmetic Operators & Concatenation operators

      Conditional & Decision Making

      Single Dimensional Array

     Loops (For, While)

      Conditional Statements






       Method Parameters

      Method Return Types



     Method Overloading

      Method Overriding


      Abstract class

      Interface Concept

      Iterator Concept

       List Interface

       Set Interface

       Map Interface

       Exception Handling

       Input- Output Concept

      Wrapper and Inner Classes

       Garbage Collector

During this week, students will be prepared for Java 8 SE Certification, which is an industry-standard certification for people Java developers. Additional, students will be prepared for Scrum Master certification that will help them enrich their resume. 

Datatypes in Python

List Concept

Tuple Concept

Dictionary Concept

If- else Statement

While Loop

For Loop



Object Oriented Programming Principles (Classses and objects)

Inheritance Concept

String and its functions

Exception Handling


Iterators and Generators

SQLite Database

Intro to SDLC and Testing Fundamentals

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Testing Life Cycle

Test Strategies and Approaches

Different Testing Types

UI and Functional Verification

Testing Validation Process

Boundary Value Analysis & Equivalent Partitioning

Statement Conditional & Decision Coverage

Load and Stress Testing with JMeter

Assertion, Listeners in JMeter

Record Test Cases

JDBC Connection in JMeter

Generate HTML Reports in JMeter

Read Data using Parameterized Technique

Timer and Duration

Upload and Download File in JMeter

Correlation and Regex Issues

Selenium WebDriver in JMeter

Service Performance Monitoring


Common features in SOAP UI

Create Test Cases in SOAP UI


Properties in SOAP UI

Groovy Scripting in SOAP UI

Checking LOGS in SOAP UI

API Monitors in SOAP UI

API Requests and JSON usage

CSV Reports in SOAP

GIT usage in SOAP

Agile Methodology and Implementation

The Fundamentals of Agile Software Development

BDD (Behavioral Driven Development) Approach

Aspects of Agile Methodologies

The Differences between Traditional and Agile Environments

Role and Skills of a Tester in an Agile Team

Agile Testing Methods

Manual Testing and Manual Writing Test Script

Basic concepts

Testing Techniques

Test Administration

Test Case Development

Test Execution

Bug Reporting using JIRA and BugZilla

Creating and Implementing projects in JIRA

Selenium WebDriver & POM

Configuring POM.XML

Setting up Page Object Model (POM)

Write test using TestNG library

Intro to Basic HTML and DOM

Getting Locators attributes from HTML DOM

Create Base Action class

Perform actions such as (click, sendKeys, auto complete etc…)

Write test class using TestNG Annotation

Run TestNG via xml file

Creating and configuring xml file to execute test

Basic Selenium Actions

Advance Selenium Actions

Assert Class Concept

Intro to Cucumber

Setting up Test Runner

Setting up Ste Definition

Setting up Feature file

Configure Allure Report

TestNG Frameworks

Creating a framework based on TestNG

Creating a framework from scratch

Adding dependencies

Creating reports



Emailable HTML

Extent Report

Log Report

Listener Reports

Creating Javascript Executer class and common methods

Creating utilities class and common methods

Using Annotations

Creating xml

Parallel Execution and Thread Local Testing

Remote Execution Testing – Sauce Labs

Cucumber Framework and BDD Concept

Understand the concept of BDD

Writing test cases using BDD Approach

Implementing Cucumber framework

Execute test on BDD

Manual Database Testing


Basic of Postman

Environment in Postman

Workspace in Postman

Collections in Postman

Authorization Types to test data on server

Basic of JavaScript on Postman

            SQL & MySQL

Setting up MySQL server on your machine

Setting up Apache connector

Setting up Workbench

Configuring shell to use MySQL

Insert, delete, retrieve, select and update data on MySQL

Create, alter and drop data on MySQL

Queries on MySQL

JDBC (Java Database Connection)

Setting up related Apache jar on your system

Creating Java project to connect database

Creating a class for select function

Creating a class for delete function

Creating a class for update function

Creating a class for insert function

APIs Testing (RestAssured)

Setting up related jar files

Creating rest assured project

Connecting remote server

Creating a class for select function

Creating a class for delete function

Creating a class for update function

Creating a class for insert function

RestAssured framework basics

Continuous Integration Setup

Intro to Continues Integration (CI)

How to download and configure Jenkins

How to import a project on Jenkins

How to get reports from Jenkins

Intro to Git and GitHub

Usage of all required commands

Run test from Jenkins using your repo from GitHub

Maven (Build Management System)

Intro to maven

Intro to maven dependencies

Intro to maven commands

Setting up maven using Homebrew

Execute test using maven commands

Usage of Shell

Intro shell usage on Mac

Intro all required command

How to run test using shell


In this phase, students will complete three test cases including a presentation for each project. Students who complete the course (get a GPA of %85) will successfully graduate and move on to the next phase.

Week 1: Job market overview, resume preparation

Week 2: Interview Types, (Online, In-Person)

Week 3: Behavioral Interview, Do’s and Dont’s

Week 4: Mock Interviews with specialists from the industry, job applications.

March 2020 Cohort Schedule


7:00 pm-10:00 pm Evening Live-Lecture
Java or Selenium Classes


7-8pm Recap Class
7-9pm Small Group Live-Technical Interview Mentoring Session 


7:00 pm-10:00 pm Evening Live-Lecture
Java or Selenium Classes


7-9pm Small Group Live-Technical Interview Mentoring Session 


Self-Study Day


10:00 am-12:00pm am Hands-on Live-Laboratory Class (In-Class/Online)

Career Services

Personal Branding

We will work with you one-one-one to create a marketable profile for you. You will get noticed and recognized by the recruiters

Resume Preperation

Resume plays an important role for you to get the interview you need. We'll make sure that you have a stellar resume

Mock Interview

Whether it be a behavioral or a technical one, you will be prepared with all the skills you need to get the job

Application Process

Step 1
Apply Online

Step 2
Get an Online Interview

Step 3
Start Coding

Our SDET Students

Our instructors are very knowledgable and caring. There is no judgement because most of us come from no coding background.
Rabi K.
QA Engineer
I am happy to be a part of the SiliconeLabs family. It’s motivating to see how hard our instructors work to make sure that we are successful.
Grace A.
Test Engineer
SiliconeLabs is not only a school for me but a place where I made so many friends who support each-other to be successful together.
Enes H.
Team Lead